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Medium Readings

These readings come directly from Spirit and are usually about what is currently happening in your life at that moment.  Occasionally I receive messages about upcoming events, but nothing too far into the future.  I believe we have free will to change the direction of our futures, at any given point in time.  I am not a fortune teller, but I'm here to share guidance from your Spiritual Team or loved ones who have crossed over.  

I am able to give readings over the phone, in person, with Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.  When a message needs to be delivered, Spirit speaks through any avenue.

Animal Messenger Readings

These readings come directly from your pet, either living or deceased.  I am able to speak directly to your animal either through a picture or by having the pet in front of me. I receive mental images, symbols or words to help you to connect a deeper bond to your animal, and for them to express their needs and wants to you! 


$150 (CAD) for 45 minutes

(Please note that readings over the phone or through FaceTime/Zoom/Skype, MUST be paid 24 hours in full before the reading.)

What To Expect

When someone comes for a reading, they usually have a topic in mind, that they want to discuss or want to connect with a certain person who has crossed over. At times, Spirit will answer your questions, but then focus on bigger issues at the forefront. It's not that your questions aren't important, its just that Spirit has a limited window frame to get the message across. 

At times a message that comes through may not resonate with the person being read or they can't think of what the message means. When this happens, it is important to understand that it may take a few weeks for the message to be understood. Something will happen or someone will say something, which will trigger the memory of the message delivered. 

The way my readings work, I am able to connect with the clients' guides with just a first name, a picture, or in person. I have also given readings through email, over the phone, with Skype, Zoom, and through Facebook Messenger. When a message needs to be delivered, Spirit speaks through any avenue.

Who I Am

 I am an International Medium and I  have lived on beautiful Vancouver Island, in  Canada,  since 2016, after living in Alberta for over three decades. 

One of the main reasons that I chose this move is because I have often witnessed people living in fear and worry. I decided I didn't want to be one of those people and took a daring step out of my comfort zone, to heed my call to be close to my family and the ocean, which I feel a strong connection to.

​Sometimes in life we become too comfortable, too stable, too stale. Challenges are meant to bring in new energy and resources, to shake us up and keep us alive. Life is, after all, very short. I know this first hand, as I am a two time Cancer Survivor. I had Leukemia in 70% of my body, causing me to almost crossed over in 2001. I came  so close to dying that the nurses called my family one night and told them to come quick, as I wouldn't make it through the night. However, after receiving a Bone Marrow Transplant from an unrelated selfless soul, I was resurrected and reborn. I have remained Cancer free to this day, despite all the odds, because I am determined to stay strong and healthy. 


I have had encounters with the Spirit World for as long as I can remember, either by seeing or hearing, and occasionally smelling spirits. My interactions with them have increased the older I get. I have been told by many clairvoyants that I am a clairvoyant medium and that spirits are attracted to me. 

I've been in contact with many mischievous spirits, good spirits, children spirits, animal spirits, shadow people, and mystical spirits that don't fit any category. I've had my name called on several occasions, my hair pulled whilst sleeping, and feet tickled when no one is around. I've seen spirit animals running around my home, my television changes the channel on its own and turns on and off, my lights turn themselves on and my mobile phone turns itself on and off. I've crossed spirits over, and witnessed objects thrown about. The list is endless of the experiences I've had throughout my life. 

Each encounter is unique as to how spirits communicate and manifest with me. Most spirits that I experience throw or move things, to let me know they are present. Once I acknowledge their presence, they usually stop. One particular male spirit communicates to me with songs. This is a first for me. I will wake up with a song running through my mind, a song that I haven't heard for years. I am friends with this young man's mother, and once I relayed the song to her, she confirmed its from her son. She has often told me in life, music was a big part of his world, so she isn't surprised that this is how he communicated with me. My very first interaction with him, he delivered a song, which I conveyed to her. Every time she turned on the radio, this particular song was playing. 

In May 2018, my stepfather died (he lived two hours south of me.)  I was present for his passing, and as I was leaving the hospice (about an hour after he died) a very large black and white butterfly flew in front of my windshield. I marveled just how large it was, as it flew away. 

About a week later, I was back home and I heard a tapping on my bedroom window.  I looked up to see the "same" black and white butterfly.  It stayed long enough for me to look up, and then it flew away.

A week later, I was at his wake, telling everyone about this butterfly.  Low and behold, the "same" black and white butterfly appeared in the center of a flower arrangement, surrounded by friends and family of my stepdad. 

Looking back, the day he died, I was wearing a black shirt with the cut out of a butterfly on my back; which exposed my bare (white) skin. 

Needless to say, I never saw  that butterfly again. I believe that my stepdad's soul saw my butterfly shirt, and brought me the "same" butterfly three times (my favourite number) to let me know he was okay. 

A number of years ago, I attended a spiritual conference and at the intermission I was talking to the main speaker. I was explaining to her about things that have happened to me throughout my life and she said that I was of 'Crystal Energy' and that I had a 'higher vibration' than most people. After doing research on what she said I discovered that I am a Crystal Child! The description of a Crystal Child fit me to a tee! 

I also receive messages in the form of symbols. Its as if I have a movie playing in front of my eyes and in my mind, in vivid colour. Since moving to the Island, my visions have grown, and I am seeing spirits more easily and frequently. 

My Mediumship abilities have developed tremendously, and for that, I am extremely grateful. I look forward to many years of service, to as many people as possible, who are looking for guidance from Spirit. As a Medium in Victoria,  my goal in life is to help humanity heal, one person or animal at a time. 

With Gratitude and Love, 




Jane wasn't trying to be brilliant, or please me, or show me how professional and profound she was. 

On the contrary, Jane was just being Jane. Loving, direct, delicate, with a childlike innocence. 

It makes total sense that Jane would call her readings, "Angel Wings* because that's the kind of energy talking to Jane imbibes. 

Sometimes, during my reading with Jane, there were, what appeared, to be long moments of silence. 

I came to understand that whenever those silent moments occurred, Jane was respectfully receiving the deeply personal and impactful download she was about to share.  

I love those silent moments. It was here I came to trust that Jane, just being Jane, open and trusting as a pure vessel would be, was truly what I call, the *real deal.* "


                 Janet Bray Attwood,

                      HayHouse published author, 

                      Penguin author,

                      New York Times bestselling author of *The Passion Test* and 

                      *Your Hidden Riches*







"Over the last 30 years, I have had readings by those considered to be the best and most renown readers/healers in the world.  In fact, in 2012, I had a radio show where I interviewed over 150 energy workers and a pre-requisite was that I first experience their work!

Jane is really one of the best of the best.  I was truly blown away by the clarity, accuracy and usefulness of her reading...and she throws in a powerful healing to boot!  I am recommending Jane to all my friends and clients.  She is amazing!" 

                Debra Poneman,

                      Founder/CEO, Yes To Success Inc., 


                      Best Selling author,

                      Co-founder, Your Year of Miracles, 


                              San Rafael, California, United States of America



"I was blown away with my reading with Jane! She has an authentic intuitive gift and I felt as if I was getting answers to my questions, directly from the Spirit World.  I highly recommend her to anyone that wants a true clairvoyant experience."

                   Traysiah Spring, C. Ht.

                       SoulPurpose  Vedic Astrologer, 

                       OneAwareness  Facilitator, 

                       Author of  "Clean Green Healing"


                               Blaine, Washington, United States of America



" I wanted to take a moment to thank you for seeing me today. Although somewhat skeptic, I truly believe you have a gift. Albeit a gift I don't truly understand - a gift nonetheless. There is no possible way you could of known some of the things you shared with me today unless that information came from outside of yourself. I suppose someone who was very skeptical would say that you are merely someone who is very observant of others - but how could you have possibly known of some of the obstacles I've had to overcome. No - you have a gift.  A gift that should be shared with others. 

Keep following your passion and you'll never work another day in your life.  Be the Buffalo and walk into the storm. So very cool to know someone with such a beautiful soul as you have.."  

                                        Kevin McPherson, Airdrie, Alberta, Canada


" A beautiful woman inside and out that made this skeptic a believer. I still think most out there are scammers, but Jane is legit and everything she said in my readings came to pass, although at the time I didn’t believe it!"

                                        Amanda Boyle,  Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada



 " Jane is absolutely amazing! Her accuracy blew me away, and her love and presence truly stood out in her readings. She is such a great person to talk to, and keeps it real! I loved my time with her and looking forward to our next meet ♥ Thanks again, Jane x "


                                        Terry-Lee Pepin, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


Animal Reading Testimonials


"What can we say about Jane?  Perhaps, instead of conveying what we say, it is more about what our dog, Hutch had to "say".  Here's what happened...

Geoff and I were excited to experience our personal readings, as members of our community had been alight after their time spent with Jane and her guides.  Weren't we surprised, when it was our dog, Hutch, sitting at Geoff's feet, that pushed through with a message for us.  How fascinating!!!  We had some questions, as Hutch came to us as a rescue from the NWT (North West Territories), and he answered them right then and there - through Jane, in a pretty empathetic way.  It made us laugh!

Then, several months later, Hutch became ill very quickly and we thought we were going to lose him.  We called Jane and she came over to see if there was anything that she could do to help.  The message about the nature of what cure for Hutch's illness came through very quickly - and was what Geoff and I needed to hear - to not just bring our dog back again, but to help us tune into the importance of living a more authentic life.  This meant spending more time with him, playing - and less time in our heads, and working.  We have always said that our dogs lead us to where we need to be, and Jane and her guides helped Hutch to get an important message through us.  

Our pets are our family.  If we can sit with Jane for some time and tune in a little closer to what  these creatures want us to know to "get them" and perhaps understand them a little bit better, then it is time well spent and a Divine gift that we are granted.

Thank you, Jane !"

                          Jan and Geoff, Founders of Last Chance Dog Services,

                                        Metchosin, British Columbia, Canada


"I highly recommend Jane. She is highly intuitive, a natural medium, and a kind, compassionate and caring person. She read for my dog which was a huge confirmation and gave us information to help with our relationship with our fur baby. 

Thank you Jane!"

                          Zoe Baldwin, owner of Mountain Heights Healing, Sooke, BC





Missing Animal Testimonials


"Jane is a clear and concise conduit of Spirit.  Her ability to flow spiritual information with compassion and sensitivity allowed facets of myself to be seen in a new light.  I have had two readings from Jane and received information that deeply touched the core of my being in ways that even now continue to be integrated into my life.  

Most recent, Jane  (remotely) worked directly with me (me being the facilitator) and helped aid in the location of my friends missing cat in Edson, Alberta, Canada.  Though we didn't find her that same night, she was located the next day in the general area Jane was describing to me to relay to my friend.  

Jane is a precious gift.   I highly recommend her and I will continue to seek her support."

                               Paul Singh, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada



"When my indoor cat, Lloyd, escaped from my home and had been missing for 4 days, Jane was recommended to me by a friend.  I had exhausted all resources and looked for  her day and night.  

Jane tuned into Lloyd's energy and let me know that she was still alive and actually on my property!  She was hiding VERY well but she was found the next day in the area Jane had mentioned!  Lloyd and I are very happy to be reunited."  

                                   Taylor Moore, Edson, Alberta, Canada



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